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5 Great Virginia Road Trip for Outdoor Adventurers

While making a road trip in Virginia, you can brace yourself for experiencing an incredible variety of landscapes, habitats, and terrains that will mesmerize you with their breathtaking view.  Amidst these picturesque settings there lies plenty of scope to pursue a fantastic variety of adventures.

Planning a Trip to Virginia

If you have dreamt of venturing out into the ocean trying sea kayaking, camping in the softwoods or hiking through a wildlife refuge, then Virginia is the place where you need to be.  These apart if you are fond of mountaineering or rock climbing trekking your way to the highest point and reliving stunning 360-degree view of the landscape, or push your limits with a mountain bike ride in rugged terrain and whitewater rafting, then you can fulfill this desire in Virginia.

On the flip side if you are thinking about relishing the thrill of paddling a magnificent lake with sweeping views of the surrounding shores, and then camping in the remote corners of the wood where you can relax your mind, body, and soul, then Virginia has got you covered for this too.  No doubt, Virginia is the road-tripper’s paradise where each moment spent is more than just rewarding.  To start with, you can check out five Virginia road trips that are sure to enchant nature lovers. Let us get going with experiencing the thrills of Virginia outdoors.

Virginia Arrowhead Road Trip

Located in Southwest Virginia, this destination holds plenty of secrets in its bosom that adventurers can explore where friendly locals are always willing to help. This is the home to Virginia’s less known national park, i.e., Cumberland Gap National Historical Park where humankind and nature make a celebrated confluence. Here, you can have a firsthand experience of spectacular geological features like the Skylight Cave, Sand Cave, cliffs, overlooks, and the remote Hensley Settlement. Moreover, you can enjoy the gorgeous views of mountain-trimmed lakes, deep gorges, waterfalls, and natural tunnels at Jefferson National Forest and Virginia state parks.  Clinch and Powell make for a great destination to enjoy flat-water paddling. Russell Fork is a favorite location for those who prefer the excitement of whitewater paddling.  An outdoor trip does not find fulfillment without RV camping. The good news is this place has plenty of such possibilities in its offering.  Finally, The Breaks Interstate Park in Virginia’s arrowhead is a scenic wonder home to the Grand Canyons of the South.

Virginia Highlands Road Trip

This refers to the landmass in and around Virginia’s rooftop home to the magnificent Mount Rogers. It has an elevation that soars more than a mile high over 400 feet of vertical variation with high and low points. The main attraction of Virginia Highlands is the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area which has more than 436 miles of open trail for hikers, backpackers, mountain bikers, and equestrians including the well-known Virginia Creeper Trailer. This is a rail trail that is much famed throughout the country. And how can one forget about the Appalachian Trail? This is the dwelling place of some scenic fishing and paddling creeks with many river streams complementing the trails. Grayson Highlands State Park offers plenty of highland beauty and opportunities while the New River Trail State Park proudly flaunts an expanse of 57 miles of waterside biking through bucolic rural Virginia.

Eastern Shore Road Trip

This region is characterized by the occurrence of a scenic land split with numerous islands which segregates the Atlantic Ocean from the Chesapeake Bay. Being home to a long stretch of water expanse there are plenty of water-based activities to pursue which otherwise is a quiet, relaxed, with scenic shorelines.  Some of the famed locations of this region are Chincoteague refuge, Assateague National Seashore, and Virginia Seaside Water Trail. These locations make a beautiful spot to pursue hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and beachcombing.

Alleghany Highlands Road Trip

Alleghany Highlands consists of remote mountains, hot springs, wild rivers, and thick forests. Hence, you can pursue a variety of outdoor activities and bulk of it in the scenic landscape of Jefferson National Forest. If you are fond of paddling then the Cowpasture Rivers, Douthat Lake, and Lake Moomaw can thrill you. While backpackers and mountain bikers can hit the trails at Douthat State Park.

Southside Virginia Road Trip

This rural land is dominated by big lakes, and the region is growing in popularity as an outdoor destination. Buggs Island Lake, Staunton River State Park, and Occoneechee State Park are the premium attractions for hiking and camping. Paddlers can have plenty of fun and excitement in the Southern Virginia Wild Blueway covering Buggs Island Lake, Lake Gaston, and numerous segments of Dan River, Banister River, and Roanoke River.                

Here above we suggest a wide variety of things to do. We are here to share with you places to plan a visit to natural forests as well as other attractions. Hiking mountains, outdoor adventure, and many more offerings to enjoy are here for your solo trip. Hope this will helps you to plan your best trip.

Disclaimer: This information is the only research based on the different mediums.  Please make sure to confirm all rates and details directly before planning your trip.

Please do share your experience with us through the comments below. We would love to know how you enjoyed your trip.


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