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Where in the US should you travel next?

We all will surely agree that there is never a good or a wrong time to travel. Traveling can be serene and riveting at the same time, prospering you with prominent knowledge, and allowing you to discover and learn. Whether you want to go for a quick weekend trip or an extended vacation US is always a prospect.

If you are looking forward to an American adventure and are searching for places to visit, this is undoubtedly for you. Sites are ranging from high mountains to misty escapes; the US boasts a varied number of places which can satisfy your longing hunger for traveling. From spectacular mountain ranges to majestic coastlines the US possesses a lot of must-see places. If you are a person who loves to travel and have a list of destinations on your bucket list, the US undoubtedly must be in the top half. Irrespective of whether you want to chill at a lake or an island or explore outdoors, the US boasts the best of them. From the serenity of Oregon or the bend to the mostly revitalized places like Michigan and Detroit, US doesn’t fall short in any perspective.

The US comprises of so many diverse destinations to live and rejoice that it gets challenging to pen them down in a single post. Here we will look at some of the must-visit places in the US which will satisfy your inner traveler. This list comprises of places which one should tick of their bucket lists now itself:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana: Belief or not, but it’s always a good time to visit New Orleans, but with the place celebrating its 300th anniversary this year, it can’t get better. With celebrations, parties, events, concerts, and much more the place offers a lot to explore and enjoy.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: The place which has been ranked as one of the happiest cities in the US is a must visit. With summer X games as well as super bowl approaching fast, it is going to be amazing. The peaceful environment and friendly atmosphere make Minneapolis a must visit on your next trip to the US.
  • Orlando, Florida: It is surely one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From the magic kingdom to sea world to Universal studios to Disney theme parks, Orlando boasts a host lot of places which can add excitement and fun to your vacation.
  • Los Angeles, California: Los Angeles has always been a visitor’s paradise. With places like the walk of fame to the Hollywood Bowl to the Beverly Hills, the place is no less than an attraction. The Hollywood sign adds to its value along with the vintage Venice beach.
  • Denver, Colorado: Denver boasts some of the most popular places in the US. The red rocks amphitheater, Denver zoo, and botanical gardens add to the value of the place. The Coors brewery tour is no less than another attraction alongside US mint and Buffalo Bill museum.
  • Anchorage, Alaska: One of the most beautiful places which are a perfect destination for families. The place has the country’s largest water park, H2OASIS, which surely is a must visit. The Alaska Museum and the Alaska wildlife conservation center are no less in attracting tourists.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: The beautiful beaches and the long clear skies are surely a sight to cherish. The White Sea beaches also have a host of water sports which can be an added plus for people who are looking for adventure. The Manoa falls, hike Diamond Head, or the Pearl Harbor national museum, all add to the beauty of Honolulu.
  • San Antonio, Texas: The place is quite renowned for its history and wildlife. The Riverwalk and the Alamo along with the San Antonio zoo and sea world are a must-visit for everyone.
  • Hershey, Pennsylvania: This place is a must-visit for all chocolate lovers across the world. Hershey’s park and the chocolate world provide wholesome fun and entertainment to your family.
  • Siesta Beach, Florida: This beach has been continuously ranked in the top 10 list for the best beaches in the US due to its soft sands which are comprised of 99% pure quartz.

It is impossible to include all the places in a single post, so above are some of the must-visit places in the US that you should travel to next.


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